Ed Talks to Starbuck’s Bruce Blackman (Moonlight Feels Right)

Seventies music fans know the unmistakable sounds of ‘Moonlight Feels Right’ by the group Starbuck! One of the biggest ‘one hit wonders’ of all time, it was written by Bruce Blackman and performed by the band he founded.  Bruce has written a book about the experience, ‘The Road to Moonlight Feels Right‘, and he’s just plain entertaining!

Gotta love the internet, as a few months ago I happened to run across Bruce Blackman, still entertaining although this time in a digital, online world.

I approached him about being on my morning Oldies radio show on WHVO and he agreed.  And the interview with him was lighthearted and full of fun!  Guy has definitely had quite a ride and unlike the occasional artist that looks back with regret, Bruce is still having fun and entertaining!  We had a ball talking to him.  Thanks to my co-hosts that morning, Ann Petrie and Boyd Clark!

Enjoy our talk with Bruce Blackman!

Get Bruce’s book here.

Moonlight Feels Right Page on Facebook

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