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One of the GREAT benefits of my jobs is that I get to hang out in this great city, AND interview some really fun people!  I decided to set this page up to include a few of the interviews I’ve done recently, and over the years.  I’ll be adding more along the way.

I hope you enjoy them!

Tommy Roe is an icon!  One of those artists that put a smile on your face when you heard his
Lane is from my hometown, Hopkinsville, KY. 'Hoptown' isn't exactly where you would think a star of European 'techno dance
Seventies music fans know the unmistakable sounds of 'Moonlight Feels Right' by the group Starbuck! One of the biggest 'one
The Trigg County Country Ham Festival in 2018 had Shenandoah as the headliner.  They did a FABULOUS job and it
C'mon, you KNOW you know the face! He's Tim Williams, aka 'Trivago Guy'!  And he's a pretty good country singer!
I fell in love with 'Williams Honor' when they first appeared in studio with me a while back.  And they're
I've had the pleasure of working with Lee on several occasions.  This time he called in to WKDZ to talk